Personal pronouns

Choose the correct answer for each blank.

1 - John and Sarah were best friends. ______ went to school together.

2 - Mike is a painter.  ______ has his own paints and brushes.

3 - I am going on holiday with my family.  ______ are going to Hawaii.

4 - The dog is sitting outside the door.  ______ is looking through the window.

5 - Two dogs are running down the beach.  ______ are chasing a ball.

6 - Mary is the best singer in her class.  When ______ sings everybody applauds.

7 - The teacher was very angry at the students.  She gave ______ all extra homework that day.

8 - When Tyson went to the market he took ______ wallet with him.

 9 - The girl was wearing _____ favourite shoes.

10 - I saw them coming from far away.  ______ were walking down the hill.