Modal Verbs 4

Choose the correct answer for each blank.

1 - I’m afraid I ___________play tennis tomorrow. I’ve got a dentist appointment.

2 - You can come to the meeting if you want but you ___________.

3 - What do you want to do? - Well, we ___________have a picnic, but it looks like rain.

4 - I’m so hungry I ___________eat a horse!

5 - The test starts at 10.30. You ___________be late.

6 - Why didn’t you tell me? I ___________you!

7 - How did you do in the test? - Ok. It ___________worse!

8 - He ___________broken the classroom  window. He wasn’t even in school today.

9 - You ___________tired. You’ve only just got out of bed!

10 - She ___________be very pleased with herself. She got the best grades.